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Lasix for pets

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Lasix doses

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Purchase lasix

MIPIM Cannes (Marché International des Professionals de l’Immobilier) is the leading real estate event for property professionals organised by Reed Midem, a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions who also oversee other property trade events including MAPIC (scheduled for November 2016 in Cannes), and sister MIPIM events in London, Hong Kong and Osaka.

MIPIM 2016 Cannes, the 27th edition is themed around ‘Housing the World’ and will be held from 15 to 18 March 2016.

The 2016 MIPIM event brings together over 20,000 participants from the global real estate chain – urban planning, funding, leasing, usage of property to management of portfolios.

Key service providers and suppliers from all sectors of the property market – office, residential, industrial, retail, healthcare, sport, media and logistics will have the chance to network with other influential real estate professionals including direct and indirect investors, attend leadership conferences and celebrate exceptional industry projects at the MIPIM Awards.

As well as busy days of debates, speed meetings and workshops, MIPIM 2016 attendees will both relax and party in Cannes. Meetings are formal and informal conducted over breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and the obligatory cocktail soirees including the Opening Party held this year at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes and any number of champagne-fuelled private functions on board luxury charter yachts, at rooftop terraces, beach bars or swanky villas.

Bespoke Yacht Charter has extensive experience organising is lasix nephrotoxic and our charter brokers would be delighted to answer any questions you have about yacht rentals at MIPIM 2016.

Yachts on Charter at MIPIM 2015 in Cannes

Yachts on Charter at MIPIM 2015 in Cannes – Photo by Pat Denton

Bespoke Yacht Charter have curated these Useful Tips for Real Estate Influencers attending MIPIM 2016 with recommended places to eat in Cannes, where to find WiFi, and what to expect from this premier real estate tradeshow:

  1. MIPIM 2016 at a glance

MIPIM 2016 gives exhibitors and visitors unbridled opportunities to access industry insight, showcase or invest in new development projects and connect with international property leaders.

There will be over 20,000 attendees, 2,445 exhibiting companies, 1600 investors, 400 journalists, 250+ conference sessions/workshops/Summits and 20 Regional Pavilions.

Expect to see a strong interest in conference sessions around the importance of the digital economy and technology innovations, as well as interesting collaborations within the French Pavilion after the recent amalgamation of French administrative regions from 27 to 18 regions.

Keep abreast of highlights this year in Cannes that include:

  • The MIPIM Startup Competition – the first ever global real estate and urban management startup competition that aims to seek out promising startups. The jury will choose up to 2 finalists in Cannes.
  • The MIPIM Future Talent Programme – giving young industry professionals under 27 years of age the chance to experience MIPIM for the first time with a heavily discounted registration fee available until 29 January (€550 instead of the regular registration price €1,630)
  • The MIPIM Awards – entries are now closed, but stay tuned for the shortlist to be announced soon that honours outstanding projects (completed or yet to be built). The Awards Ceremony will be on 17 March 2016.
  • Flash Mobs – to network with active players in Logistics, Hospitality and Healthcare.
  • The invitation-only ‘Woman Networking Cocktail event’ connecting female real estate influencers with their peers.
  • Attendance from innovators in technology including French corporations Parrot who will demonstrate 3D site mapping utilising the Bebop drone coupled with Pix4D software, and Arforia who specialise in 3D virtual realisation.
  • Schindler who will showcase myPort, their integrated mobile product that will influence design of new buildings with its take on security access, flexibility and movement through the urban environment using smartphone technology.
MIPIM 2015 in Cannes, France

MIPIM 2015 in Cannes, France

  1. General tips for MIPIM Cannes 2016


Early bird registration rates apply until 25 February, register online here: register.mipim.com


Download the MIPIM app to simplify your experience: my.mipim.com/en/plan-my-agenda/mobile-app

The app is available on all major platforms and offers a floor plan of the Palais des Festivals, an exhibitors list, a participant’s Online Database so you can network, and a conferences and speakers section. A valuable tool in the app is the ‘My Event’ section – read your messages from other attendees, see your stored favourites and access your e-ticket for the event.

There’s also a guide to Cannes restaurants and bars which is a partnership with TripAdvisor and Cannes-I-Get however it should be noted that the listings are pulled from the TripAdvisor website and some reviews can be dated. If you’re a first time visitor to Cannes, the Le Suquet district holds some of Cannes best eateries.

Press Materials

Gain exposure for your corporation by adding your press material to the MIPIM site online with your logo and Stand Number. To add your company press materials, go to the Login icon on the MIPIM site, then your ‘Company Account’ page, and click on ‘Press Releases’.

On-site services at the Palais

  • A Business Centre with secretarial services including typing, photocopying, printing, postal assistance
  • Food and beverage outlets
  • Cloakroom, Lost & Found, Left luggage and safety deposit service
  • Concierge service available for restaurant reservations, rental car hire, sightseeing information (Palais 0)

WiFi zones

At the event, there is free WiFi and telephone charging stations at the Visitors Club (Palais -1, Aisles C and H) and WiFi at the Press Club (Palais 3). To access the ‘Palais des Festivals WiFi’ network, the code on your MIPIM badge “@: xxxxxx” is your login to connect all connectivity services. You can only connect one device at a time.

For local connectivity for corporations based on luxury yachts berthed at Vieux Port, you’ll find a WiFi zone at Jetée Albert Edouard and Ponton E Pantiéro.

Elsewhere in Cannes, some WiFi hotspots with good connectivity are found at:

  • Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso (2, boulevard Jean Hibert)
  • Mocca Café (directly opposite the Palais des Festivals)
  • McDonalds and the New York New York restaurant (2 minutes from the Palais on Allée de la Liberté Charles de Gaulle)
  • The gardens beside the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall, opposite Vieux Port)
  • Plage Goeland (on boulevard de la Croisette, directly opposite rue du Commandant André)
  • Volupté Anytime (32 rue Hoche)
Yacht Party at MIPIM 2015, Cannes, France

Yacht Party at MIPIM 2015, Cannes, France

  1. Destination tips for MIPIM Cannes

Flights: For negotiated airfare rates for MIPIM 2016 attendees with Air France and KLM, the event promotion code is 25632AF. Book via the KLM Global Meetings website: www.airfrance.fr/FR/fr/local/www_airfranceklm-globalmeetings_com.htm

Accommodation: The official MIPIM 2016 hotel partner’s website for any secure hotel bookings is found here: www.mipim.b-network.com

Be aware that MIPIM organizers are advising participants to avoid accommodation packages offered via these known fraudulent companies who are not affiliated with MIPIM Cannes: Allen & Stratton Events, Business Travel International, Concierge Plus Group, Euro Concierge Net, Euro Events Expo, Expo Travel Group, Global Living Group, Gold Exhibition, ITC Today, Premier Destinations, Riviera Network, Stareventz, Splendor Global, The Ultimate Living Group and Universal Shows.

Private Transfers: Private transfers between Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and Cannes vary in price from €115 upwards. MIPIM’s official transfer partner is Chabé who have bilingual drivers and offer MIPIM attendees a 20% discount.

Taxis: At Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, you’ll find taxi stands at Terminal 1 (Gate A1) and Terminal 2 (Gate A3). Average fares to Cannes are priced from €80 oneway (dependent on traffic). You can reserve a taxi in advance with Taxi Cannes at no extra cost: +33 4 93 992 727(24 hours) or book online.

Helicopter transfers: Azur Hélicoptère offer heli transfers to/from Cannes with a 7-minute flight duration oneway; prices are inclusive of a car transfer between the heliport and your Cannes destination and one cabin bag (additional luggage attracts a €50 surcharge per bag).

Rental cars: SIXT is the official MIPIM 2016 rental car partner. When booking for MIPIM 2016, mention the promotion code ‘9963828’ to receive up to 10% discount. www.sixt.com

You can also reserve a rental car with them at the Palais des Festivals at the Concierge desk (Palais 0).

Top Tips: Here’s a quick guide for MIPIM hirers to help with fuel stations in France:

  • GREEN pumps are unleaded petrol (‘essence sans plomb’). They are available in 95 octane or 98 octane so the pumps may be named ‘SP95’ or ‘SP98’ (sans plomb 95/98). You may also see ‘SP95 E10’ which contains 10% of ethanol biofuel.
  • BLACK pumps, sometimes with yellow signage, are diesel (‘gazole’).

The general term for petrol is ‘essence’, be wary if you say the English words ‘fuel’ or ‘petrol’ as these mean different things in French: Fuel (fioul) is heating oil, and petrol (pétrole) is paraffin or black oil.

Many French service stations offer the ability to self-serve at the pump however payment is often via card so you must ensure if you need to pay by card that you have an integrated chip and pin card that will be accepted in France, this also applies to motorway toll booths. It’s advisable to check with your bank before you arrive in France.

The cheapest fueling option is usually at supermarkets/hypermarkets – Bespoke Yacht Charter has done some research for MIPIM 2016 attendees and according to the French government website, we found that the cheapest fuel station in Cannes is located at Leclerc (Station Leclerc Randis), 1 avenue Victor Hugo, 06160 Cannes.

Trains: The nearest train station to Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is Nice St-Augustin station (around 40 minute’s journey from Cannes). Regular services link Cannes with Golfe Juan, Juan les Pins, Antibes and Nice.

Top Tip: Be wary if you book train tickets online via the Voyages-SNCF link on the MIPIM website; it gives you various delivery options of which most involve printing your ticket so skip this for last-minute train journeys and buy your tickets at the station. It pays to take coins for ticket machines as sometimes the machines at Cannes can’t read foreign-issued credit or debit cards.

Buses: The 210 bus with Nice AirportXpress operates 7 days a week and is the quickest bus between the Airport and Cannes with a oneway journey averaging 45 minutes. The tariff is cheaper when you buy a return ticket; they also offer a discount for 4 persons travelling together. Timetables are found here: uk.niceairportxpress.com/timetables.html

For local buses for Cannes and surrounds, visit www.palmbus.fr

Evenings: If you are staying outside of central Cannes, pre-book your transport in the evening during the event as taxis will be busy, and public transport runs less frequently especially after 8pm.

Hotel Majestic in Cannes, France

Hotel Majestic Barrière

  1. Recommended restaurants & bars

Cannes is a labyrinth of dining and drinking establishments and it can be mind boggling to find somewhere decent to satisfy your palate or quench your thirst.

Here are some of Bespoke Yacht Charter’s recommendations in Cannes:

Il Convivo (6 Boulevard Montfleury) : A family-run Italian restaurant situated 5 minutes from Cannes train station, we recommend them for their great service and tasty pastas and pizzas.

L’eponyme (4 rue de Bone) : Off the beaten path, but worth the detour for their warm hospitality and two well-priced formules (set menus) priced at €29 and €40 as well as ‘a la carte’ options. The socca entrée with leeks, Saint Marcelin emulsion and chorizo is a nice touch, and chocolate lovers will justifiably devour the Toblerone mousse for dessert.

Couby’s (3 boulevard de Lorraine) : Cannes isn’t all glamour and glitz, Cannes does casual dining too. If you’re craving a huge American burger that doesn’t come from the famous Golden Arches, Couby’s is your place. Located close to the top end of rue d’Antibes, they also have a range of salads and stir-fry dishes. Book ahead for dinner; they regularly host live music nights featuring unplugged sessions upstairs.

Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso (2, boulevard Jean Hibert) : The 360 Lounge Bar situated on the top floor is an ideal rooftop terrace for post-MIPIM sundowners with a range of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails on offer to accompany the great panoramic views.

Restaurant in Le Suquet

Restaurant in Le Suquet

  1. Other things to do in Cannes during MIPIM 2016

If you’re searching for inspiration of non-MIPIM activities, here are a few suggestions:

– The Centre d’Art de la Malmaison situated on the Croisette has a Marc Chagall exhibition ‘Les Couleurs de la Vie’ running until 24 April 2016.

– MIPIM 2016 is held over 4 days in March, one of which is St Patricks Day (17 March). If you’re not attending the MIPIM Awards that evening, plenty of Cannes pubs will be having a toast to the Irish including Ma Nolans on rue Buttura and the Quays beside Vieux Port. Morrisons Irish Pub on rue Teisseire is our pick with their annual St Patricks street party.

Useful Web Links

Official MIPIM Cannes 2016 website: www.mipim.com

Official MIPIM 2016 Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MIPIM.Official

Official MIPIM 2016 Twitter: @MIPIMWorld with hashtags #MIPIM #MIPIM2016 and #Cannes

Please check out Bespoke Yacht Charter’s latest article: 75 mg effexor

This article was written by Rebecca Whitlocke, who with over 10 years travel industry experience loves to share ‘must-do’ destination tips and hidden spots to discover in France and beyond.

Disclaimer: Bespoke Yacht Charter has created this article for information purposes only – we are not a representative or sales affiliate for any of the third-party web links given by MIPIM and therefore cannot be held responsible for any bookings made through them.

To discuss your MIPIM yacht charter requirements, please contact:






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