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Fireworks in Monaco & Cannes – Summer 2017

Every summer season, Monaco and Cannes host some incredible fireworks displays that are truly spectacular and a must-see if you’re lucky enough to be on the French Riviera when one is taking place! These fireworks displays are held as International Fireworks Competitions with teams from various countries competing for prizes. The performances are truly magnificent, on a par with what you might see on New Year’s Eve in London, New York or Sydney. Set to thunderous soundtracks, the fireworks displays last as long as thirty minutes, the bright lights of Monaco and Cannes reflecting in the Mediterranean, create a truly stunning backdrop!

Fireworks in Cannes, France

Please find below the Summer 2017 Fireworks Schedule for Cannes:

Thursday 13 July


Friday 21 July

22h – ALPHA PYRO – France

Saturday 29 July


Monday 7 August

22h – PYROVISION – Austria

Tuesday 15 August

22h – DRAGON FIREWORKS – Philippines

Thursday 24 August

22h – PANZERA – Italy

Monte-Carlo Casino fireworks

And the Summer 2017 Fireworks Schedule for Monaco:

Saturday 22 July

22h – Holland

Saturday 29 July

22h – Austria

Saturday 5 August

21.30h – USA

Saturday 12 August

21.30h – Australia

There are numerous vantage points in both Cannes and Monaco where you can get a fantastic view of the fireworks. Many restaurants in Cannes and Monaco allow you to enjoy a dinner under the stars with the fireworks right in front of you. But the greatest way to experience these fabulous fireworks displays has to be to charter a luxury yacht. What better way to end a fabulous yacht charter than to drop anchor for drinks or dinner and to have your very own pyrotechnics display take place right in front of you!

To discuss chartering a luxury yacht to watch the fireworks in Monaco or Cannes or for any special occasion on the French Riviera, please contact:

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